© Martha J Dameron Photography

I have been photographing all my life.  It is in every fiber of my being.

In elementary school, they called me a ‘day-dreamer’, and I probably was, but I was seeing images in my mind.  I received my first camera when I was in third grade, and I used up all my film immediately, but continued to ‘shoot’ even when it was gone.

My parents tried to introduce me to practicality by insisting that I become a school teacher, but 3/4 of the way through college I started working as a photographer at an amusement park, where I met my future husband who was also in the photography business.

Those two events changed the course of my life. I finished my degree, but I knew that photography was where I belonged.

Now, in the last 1/3 of my life, I am going to pursue lifestyle imagery, fine art photography, and mixed media work.